Monday, January 14, 2013

Wallweeds chlling in Maple Grove

Squeezing close to get everyone in the shot (not just to stay warm)
Ramona Sly, Stan Rolfsrud, Kathy Faust, Kathy Skadsberg,
Paula Hanson Terrie Widstrom
Braving January temps, five Wallweeds from the Alexandria Class of 1965 gathered in Maple Grove tonight to renew friendships and enjoy half-priced drinks and hors-de-ouvres (Senior discount does not apply -- no other special offers). Ramona Sly, the youngster in the group, celebrated her upcoming birthday; she'll cross the great divide tomorrow. Our waitress did not sing the birthday song, but she did take this dandy photo of the club members getting closer to each other.
It was hoped that Charlie Stark would be there to report on his recent West Coast trip where he and his wife enjoyed lunch with 65ers Karl and Sue (Gorham) Tegland, but Charlie had been called away on business and wasn't able to attend.
A debate on where the world's largest cross was located was settled by Paula Hanson. Stan Rolfsrud had said that he had seen the biggest cross (19 stories high) along a freeway in Texas, but it turns out that there is one that is nine feet higher in Illinois, according to Paula's hand-held device that answers all questions. We did not ask the device where the world's largest ball of string is located because we got sidetracked on the names of the states in the four corners (New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Arizona). Classmate updates were given. Vacation destinations as well. We did not talk about aches and pains other than the flu and grandchildren didn't make the cut either. Join us for the Feb. 4 meeting and bring your topic.

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