Sunday, February 03, 2013

Marshal Clifford

Park your cellphone please. No photos please.
Jim Clifford writes:
I just finished my second year as a hole marshal working on the 15th hole of the Phoenix Open golf tournament.  Great time, got to see the best golfers in the world close up at various points on the 15th, from tee to green.  I also could go anywhere on the course I wanted to go, so I spent a bit of time on hole 16, which is a par 3, 162 yd hole situated in what amounts to a roofless stadium of boxes and bleachers, filled with very rowdy patrons.  They routinely insult players  who react badly to noise, but love their favorites.

Marshals are also cell phone Nazis who must try to limit photography and speaking on phones during the tournament.  Guys are fine when asked to hang up, etc., but the women are almost always resentful and whining when asked to comply even politely.  About 1/2 of them repeat the conduct when you turn away .  Saturday is pretty taxing, as everybody has been drinking since the morning start!

All in all, a great experience I'll enjoy each year..

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