Monday, July 01, 2013

New Lunch Bunch in Alex!

Bev Roers Korkowski writes:
 Since moving back to Alexandria, I’ve been told several times ‘If you start up a monthly lunch bunch for our class, I’d be interested.’ Okay, so here’s your chance! 
The plan is to meet someplace for lunch the 4th Tuesday of every month, meaning the first lunch will be Tuesday, July 23. Let’s make the time 12:30. And since we live in the land of lakes, we are going to take advantage of outside restaurants while the weather is nice, so our first lunch will be on the deck restaurant at Arrowwood. Everyone will order and pay for what they want. There is no obligation to come every month, only when you want to. Since I’m a bit nervous about how few (or many) people will show up this first time, maybe give me an indication if you’re interested. I’d hate for 30 people to show up and only have tables for a dozen.
We have very few email addresses on file from the last class reunion, so if you know of someone who lives in the area or will be back for vacation that day, please either call them or forward this information. I will be happy to manage email reminders every month of where we’ll be eating, but I will need current email addresses. 
Feel free to add even those who can’t make the lunches. I’ll try to post some pictures each month and hopefully revive something similar to the blog which Stan says has lost a lot of steam.

And, gang, we need to at least start thinking about the really BIG class reunion which is only two years away. It’s going to take some work to get contacts updated and people informed.

So, will we see you on Tuesday, July 23, 12:30 PM, at the Arrowwood deck restaurant?

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